Chicken Collagen

Written by Amy Hall
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Just as there is bovine collagen and fish collagen, there is also chicken collagen. The goal of chicken collagen supplements is to relieve pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. Collagen type 2 that is extracted from chicken sternal cartilage is supposed to supply the joints with the necessary materials to repair and rebuild cartilage.

It can be extremely confusing to the consumer who has been encouraged to try collagen supplements for joint pain to know which types of collagen work best. Well, let's try to break it down so that you can make a more informed decision when you are shopping for your supplements. The most popular collagen supplements come from chicken, fish, or cow (bovine). These supplements are only helpful if the body can absorb the ingredients in them and put them to immediate use.

When you take chicken or fish collagen supplements, you may encounter a problem with absorption, due to the way the collagen was processed. Most collagen is extracted from the skin or cartilage of the animal, and then dried and mixed with some sort of buffer for human consumption. This poses a problem because in that form, the body is likely only going to absorb about 15 percent of the collagen, which is not enough to see noticeable results.

Chicken Collagen Versus Bovine Collagen

Bovine collagen that is extracted from the cow hide, then purified and dried, will be more readily absorbed into the bloodstream if it is further nourished under laboratory conditions. In other words, bovine collagen is already more potent than chicken collagen before any type of processing occurs. However, if the bovine collagen is not nourished, which allows the chains of amino acids to grow and more closely resemble the chains in the human body, it will not be absorbed beyond 15 percent by the body. When the bovine collagen is allowed to grow under pharmaceutical conditions, the absorption rate jumps up to 95 percent, and users immediately begin to feel the results.

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Rate of absorbtion

I don't get it.
You say that with chicken and fish collagen, the body will only absorb about 15%.
Then you go on to say that bovine is more potent than chicken collagen before any type of porocessing occurs but, limite absorption at 15% once again. So can it be MORE potent from the start when the rate of absorption you've just laid out is identical???