Collagen Products

Written by Amy Hall
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Collagen products can help you fight the signs of aging that are both cosmetic and internal. Many people do not realize that collagen affects many parts of the body besides the skin. In fact, collagen is naturally found in many organs throughout the body, such as the skin, the bones, cartilage, and connective tissues. When the amount of collagen in the body starts to decrease as we age, these organs and tissues can all be adversely affected.

Essentially, by the time we all hit the age of 25, collagen starts to decrease by about 1.5 percent a year. What you will likely begin to notice over time is that your skin is less elastic, and your smile lines no longer disappear when you stop smiling. Worry lines become etched across your forehead, and your skin's overall appearance may look dull and ashy.

Aside from your facial skin issues, you may also begin to notice that your body holds onto more fat as you age. Even with regular exercise, the body may store fat and be resistant to letting go of it through exercise. Collagen products, such as capsules or pills, can help boost the amount of collagen in the body, thus reducing body fat and increasing lean muscle mass. Many women appreciate the fact that their cellulite looks better after they begin a regular regimen of collagen supplements.

Feel Good with Collagen Products

If you just feel like you are dragging, and that you cannot seem to get a grip on anything, collagen supplements may be able to help you out of your slump. Collagen products are great at rewinding the hands on the clock. With continued use, you should be able to notice a difference in your energy level, as well as the clarity and elasticity of your skin. Furthermore, your joints should not feel as stiff and sore, and your hair and nails will be shiny and strong.

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