Collagen Type 2

Written by Amy Hall
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It can be very confusing when you read about the various types of collagen. Most of us who have never researched the topic have always assumed collagen is collagen, right? Well, in reality, there are different types of collagen found in the body that are responsible for different things. Collagen Type 2 is specifically found in joint cartilage, and it is responsible for keeping the joints up to par.

However, as we age our bodies begin to produce less and less collagen, which can cause the cartilage in the joints to become weak and break down. This is obviously not a good thing, because the cartilage acts like a shock absorber or buffer, providing a cushion between two bones as we move. When cartilage begins to wear thin, painful inflammation and swelling can result, making even the smallest movements unbearable.

Typically, arthritis is a condition that affects older people, however there are some young people who succumb to this debilitating condition. Those of us who move around freely without any pain take for granted the important job our joint cartilage performs. The good news is that it is possible to feel relief from this joint pain by taking collagen type 2 supplements orally.

End Joint Pain with Collagen Type 2

There have been research studies that have shown the promising results of oral collagen supplements. What researchers believe now is that taking collagen on a daily basis through capsules provides the body with the material it needs to repair and rebuild cartilage. Users who have suffered from joint pain claim that they feel much less stiff and achy, and their range of movement has increased over time.

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