Written by Norene Anderson
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Having regular, frequent, and complete bowel movements is necessary for continuing good health. Occasional constipation can be treated with at-home remedies. If irregularity is a chronic problem, a healthcare professional should be consulted. One of the first lines of defense is increasing dietary fiber and water intake.

In addition, fiber supplements may be taken. Some of these are psyllium husks, debittered fenugreek seeds, and flaxseed. Some herbs that are approved for constipation are cascara sagrada and senna. There are many other supplements that are available to assist the digestive tract in functioning in optimal health. It is vitally important that the elimination process of the toxins and waste be a regular process. If it becomes sluggish, it sets the body up for illness and disease simply by the retention of poisons in the system that should naturally be eliminated.

Does Constipation Ruin Your Day?

Licorice extract and mastic gum are excellent supplements for digestive health. Restoring a normal and healthy balance to the digestive system is crucial to the relief of a sluggish colon. Some of the supplements may contain pepsin and gentian root. There are many combinations of natural substances that will assist in the digestion process to help reach maximum benefit for a healthy body.

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