Coral Calcium Daily

Written by Norene Anderson
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Coral Calcium Daily is a popular source of coral calcium intake. The ingredients include 66 percent of the recommended daily dose of magnesium and 133 percent of vitamin C. It also has 100 percent of the zinc and 150 percent of the copper as recommended. This is based on the serving size of three capsules per day. Each bottle of 90 capsules is designed to be a one-month supply.

Bob Barefoot is a strong proponent of Coral Calcium Daily as a supplement that will give the body the nutrients needed to enhance the immune system and build strong bones. The supplement has 72 of the trace minerals the body needs to function in good health. It is also used by many for the treatment of insomnia and allergies.

Reasons for Coral Calcium Daily

Coral Calcium Daily is one way that is used to bring balance to the pH of the body. It is stated to be effective in hindering the growth of bacteria. There are testimonials stating the coral calcium has helped with weight loss and in lowering cholesterol. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. It is important that you see your healthcare provider before beginning any regimen of self-medication with any supplement.

Nature has provided many ways to help the body maintain good health. Eating a balanced diet and getting an adequate amount of exercise every day is vital to good health. Supplements are not designed nor intended to be a replacement for taking care of the essential needs of the body. They can be an effective assistant to the processes nature has put in place.

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