Written by Norene Anderson
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Enzymes are complex proteins that induce chemical changes in other substances without being changed themselves. They are present in digestive juices. Their purpose is to break down the food substances into simpler compounds preparing them for the body to use. There are different enzymes for different actions in the process of digestion.

The mouth, stomach, and intestine each have a specific role to play in the proper digestion of food. If there is a deficiency in any part of the process, the body is not able to obtain the full benefit of the food that we eat. It is essential for the health of the body that the proper processing of the digestive system be working at its fullest potential. It is sometimes necessary to supplement the natural work of the body to receive the maximum results of our food intake.

Enzymes Have Work to Do for Your Good Health

There are other enzymes that are produced in minute quantities and work as a catalyst within the cells. Whether it is these that work within the cells or the large amount of enzymes that work to accomplish the digestive process, they must be working at their highest peak to function properly. Many times it is necessary to supplement the natural process in order to receive the full benefit of what nature intended to occur.

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