Essential Fatty Acids

Written by Amy Hall
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Essential fatty acids come from either food or supplements that help our bodies function metabolically. In other words, essential fatty acids are polyunsaturated fatty acids that the body cannot produce on its own, yet needs in order to derive energy from the food we eat. Certain vitamins and minerals can help essential fatty acid supplements work better, and they include: vitamins A, B3, B6, C, and E, and the minerals magnesium and zinc.

You have probably heard about the benefits associated with taking Omega-3 fish oil supplements. It has been shown that consuming this fish oil, which is considered one of the essential fatty acids, lowers cholesterol levels, boosts mental and cognitive abilities, puts a damper on depression, and helps build a stronger cardiovascular system. Of course you could eat a lot of fish every week to get the same benefits, but many people would prefer to just take a supplement.

Our Bodies Need Essential Fatty Acids

Without getting the right amount of essential fatty acids in our diets, the body begins to suffer. For instance, if your diet is lacking in these nutrients, you may begin to notice your hair falling out, your memory getting foggy, and your overall mood taking a downturn. These are signs that are relatively benign, so you can almost take them as warning signals if you begin to notice them.

Other, more serious problems could include liver and kidney problems, as well as heart and circulatory problems. Women who are seriously deficient in these nutrients can suffer from miscarriages, and men can become sterile. It is so important to get enough essential fatty acids in the diet on daily basis so that the body can function at a normal level, as well as fight off illness and disease.

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