Flax Oil

Written by Kimberly Clark
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The richest naturally occurring source of the essential fatty acid omega-3 is flax oil. The fat contained in this type of oil is necessary for several of the body's routine tasks. Flax oil has a long history of use as a healing product and is believed to be one of the first medicines used by the renowned Greek physician, Hippocrates.

Uses and Benefits of Flax Oil
Flax oil is a golden-colored oil derived from the seed of a blue flowering plant that has been historically grown to make linen. It is not recommended that you cook with flax oil because it is highly flammable. However, it can be enjoyed as a dressing over salads or as a topping instead of butter or margarine, or taken directly as a dietary supplement.

Flax oil has been accredited with strengthening the immune system and in stabilizing blood sugar levels. Plus it has demonstrated the ability to lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels (LDL). For this reason, it's instrumental in staving off the onset of heart disease.

Flax oil is a rich source of fiber and therefore an excellent laxative, which can aid in the prevention of colon cancer and constipation. Flax oil can also be used to treat various skin conditions and to encourage healthy skin growth. It's also known to speed up the metabolic rate and is a valuable part of any weight loss program.

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