Get Rid Of Cellulite

Written by Amy Hall
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I cannot think of any woman who does not want to get rid of cellulite. Let's face it; those ripples of fat do not look pretty. Women who are more prone to this cottage cheese affect often feel self conscious in clothes that reveal the leg area. It's bad enough that we have to deal with cellulite on the back of the thighs, but it seems that the front of thighs are not immune to this condition either. Ugh, I can only say that I sympathize with women everywhere who try in vain to rid their thighs of the dreaded cottage cheese look.

The worst part about cellulite is that you don't have to be overweight to succumb to it. I know plenty of thin women who work out regularly, yet they still have a ripple here or there on their thighs. I suppose men have to contend with balding, and women are stuck with cellulite, although I'm not sure which is worse. Okay, getting back to the topic at hand, which is ridding your legs of cellulite. It is not possible to eliminate cellulite entirely, but you can greatly improve the condition.

You Can Almost Get Rid of Cellulite

That is correct, you read it right. You will not be able to cure yourself of cellulite, however, you can reduce its appearance enough that it looks like it has all but vanished. First and foremost, you must eat a healthy diet, drink plenty of water, and exercise regularly to combat cellulite. It's not easy, but no one said it would be. Second, you can go for some massage treatments or body wraps that help break up fatty tissue and improve the look of those cottage cheese curdles on your thighs, hips, and buttocks.

Finally, you may want to try some collagen replacement therapy, which helps your body rid itself of toxins. When toxins build up in fatty tissue, they can add to the unsightly appearance of cellulite. Drinking lots of water, taking collagen supplements, eating nutritious food, and incorporating daily exercise into your life can help you significantly rid your thighs of the ripples that you have come to loathe.

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