Holistic Health

Written by Patricia Skinner
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More and more of us are beginning to realize that the true path to health and vitality is likely to be that of holistic health. Protecting our environment and our food from pollutants is a very large part of this increasingly popular way of life. Unfortunately it is now clear that the struggle is going to be long and hard if we are to succeed in preserving for ourselves a planet on which we and our children can grow and thrive.

How can this be when such a large section of the population endorses holistic health? It's all down to big business really. The major corporations most often see moves to protect the environment, and to limit the effects of industry, as a move against them and their profits, and they act accordingly.

Are You for Holistic Health?

To ensure that we're all going to be able to pursue a way of life that embraces holistic health far into the future, it is important to realize the issues that are at stake. Already big business has moved to influence governments worldwide to limit consumer access to valuable nutritional products. If we all don't get up and do something soon, it could only be a matter of months before we lose access to non-GMO foods too.

It has been made clear by a number of experts that genetically modified foods could pose a great number of health problems, and that the consequences are not being investigated anywhere near as thoroughly as they need to be. It will be a tragedy if we allow GMO foods to displace our natural food sources, only to discover that natural really is best after all. Every year we are faced with growing levels of environmental pollution and toxicity that further reduces our ability to create a healthy environment for ourselves and our families.

There can be little doubt that today's widespread health problems and disease are largely a product of the environment we have created for ourselves. This is why it is so important to support manufacturers that have everyone's health and well being at heart. This is also why we should all stick together and make sure we act to do whatever we can to preserve our access to the benefits of holistic health as it should be.

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