Holistic Skin Care

Written by Kimberly Clark
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Holistic skin care products use natural plant, fruit, and herbal products to repair and maintain healthy skin. A proper holistic skin care routine, however, seeks to obtain proper balance between the physical, mental, and emotional parts of the body. With that in mind, holistic skin care treats things that occur both on the surface and on the inside of the body.

The Function of the Skin

It is important to remember that not only is the skin the body's largest organ, but it is also a part of both the respiratory and excretory systems. This means the skin allows you to take in things beneficial to your body as well as removes those that are harmful. Your skin is also your first line of defense against environmental pollutants.

The skin is covered with a thin layer of dead cells that are constantly being pushed up to the surface. If these dead cells are not continually removed, the effectiveness with which the skin receives nutrients or eliminates waste is reduced. This is why cleansing and exfoliating is so important in any skin care regimen.

Dirt, makeup, and other environmental elements can clog the skin's pores, reducing the skin's ability to perform its duties. Herbal facials, glycolic chemical peels, and manual microdermabrasion might be recommended first. Products and services are available to treat acne, sun damage, pigmentation problems, premature aging, and overly oily or dry skin. A holistic skin care routine would also focus on such things as diet and dietary supplements, aromatherapy, and massage.

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