Hyaluronic Acid Supplements

Written by Norene Anderson
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Hyaluronic acid supplements are used as protein for lubrication in the joints. Hyaluronic acid is one of the components of connecting tissue and plays a vital role in the action of tendons and ligaments. These fibers must move smoothly and evenly in order to support the bone structure of joints such as the knees.

A common complaint from osteoarthritic patients is knee pain. This often occurs when the synovial fluid loses the normal viscosity and becomes thin. It no longer cushions the joint like it is supposed to. This causes the cartilage to bear all the wear and it eventually gives way, causing the knee to become stiff and painful. Hyaluronic acid supplements are often injected or taken as oral supplements to help restore cushioning. Bone against bone is excruciatingly painful. The pain generally causes a reduction in mobility and that can rapidly cause other medical conditions.

Various Claims of Hyaluronic Acid Supplements

Another disease process that is treated by many with hyaluronic acid supplements is fibromyalgia. This is a very painful disease causing pain in the muscles and joints. Many using the supplements have reported relief from the symptoms within a short time of initiating treatment. Some of these same symptoms are associated with other types of joint and muscle pain related to the aging process.

Natural supplements such as hyaluronic acid are taken to promote healthy tissues in the liver, eyes, and skin. It is reported to support maintaining a youthful appearance, increased visual acuity, and movement of joints without pain. Before beginning any supplement for treatment of pain or disease, check with your healthcare professional.

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