Joint Care

Written by Amy Hall
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Joint care is especially important if you are physically active. As ironic as it is, performing certain exercises over and over again can put strain on the joints, and cause soreness and inflammation. This does not mean that you should cease exercising, but rather that you should take steps to keep your joints happy and healthy.

There are some fantastic vitamin supplements that are designed specifically for optimal joint care. These nutritional products typically contain glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, which when used in combination promotes healthy joint function. Other beneficial ingredients include turmeric extract and boswellia, which are known to naturally stimulate production of connective tissue such as cartilage.

Joint Care for Athletes and Those with Arthritis

Athletes who repetitively use the same joints during their sport of choice must take extra precautions to ensure joint health. In addition, those people who suffer from arthritis also must practice meticulous joint care, which will allow them to live an active lifestyle. Arthritic patients are often advised by their doctors to take natural supplements containing glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate that will promote joint health.

If you experience stiffness or soreness in your joints after exercise, you could be wearing down the cartilage, which in turn will cause inflammation and pain. Supplements that promote joint care will help with this problem by stimulating healthy cartilage and flexibility. Furthermore, it is wise to always fully stretch out both before and after exercise, as this will help increase your flexibility which in turn will take pressure off the joints.

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