Male Yeast Infections

Written by Emily Ledbetter
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Natural Treatment for Yeast Infections in Males

Though yeast infections are most commonly associated with women, yeast overgrowth can also occur in the male body. The two most commonly experienced symptoms include a red rash on the penis and itching or burning at the head of the penis. Some men have reported discharge associated with a yeast infection but it is not a common symptom.


There are a number of causes linked to yeast infections in males. One of the most common causes is transmission during sexual activity. If individuals are not aware of their infection, the disease can be transmitted back and forth between two partners multiple times.

Another common cause is prolonged antibiotic use. Antibiotics are used to treat infection by killing the "bad" bacteria in the body. However, they can also kill the "good" bacteria that naturally inhabit the body which can lead to a proliferation of yeast growth. Yeast infections are common in uncircumcised men and also in men with diabetes because the elevated sugar in the urine promotes the growth of yeast.


In most cases, male yeast infections are minor problems and are easily treatable. There are a few treatments available that require a prescription; however, many men seek treatment through natural products to avoid the side effects associated with medications available from a physician. By treating with homeopathic remedies, the body undergoes changes naturally and is able to halt the overgrowth of yeast and maintain a healthy balance of bacteria. Many of the natural remedies available contain a combination of herbs, amino acids, healthy bacterial cultures and specific vitamins that aid the body in its natural effort to rebalance yeast populations.

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