Written by Serena Berger
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If you look at most capsules that contain medication or nutritional supplements, you will see that the ingredient is a powdery substance. Once the capsule dissolves in your stomach, the full dosage of the medicine is released into your body. This is ideal if you are looking for immediate relief, but ineffective you want the effects of the supplement to be evenly distributed and last a prolonged period of time.

Using microspheres, capsules can effectively contain hundreds of individual doses. Microspheres look like little pellets and they can be delivered to the body in one dose, but their effect can also be delayed. Unlike traditional capsules that release their entire contents upon dissolving, when a capsule with microspheres dissolves, each pellet is released into the stomach. The contents of the pellets, however, are not released until their polymer membranes dissolves.

A single capsule can contain microspheres that dissolve at different rates. Some may be designed to be consumed completely within four hours, while it will take other pellets at least eight hours to be broken down completely. Some capsules contain ingredients that are effective for up to 12 hours, meaning that you will not need to take multiple pills during this period, but that you effectively receive the benefit of the supplement the entire time.

The Benefits of Microspheres

Microspheres provide the convenience of replacing multiple doses and also help to avoid the side effects of many different medicines and vitamins that bother some individuals. Unlike traditional capsules that dissolve at a single point in the stomach, capsules with microspheres provide a distribution of the pellets throughout the gastro-intestinal track. If the effects of some supplements are too strong for you, you might look for an alternative manufacturer that uses microspheres so that the impact of the supplement will be regulated over a period of time instead of being concentrated in a short time frame.

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