Muscle Builders

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Muscle builders help weight lifters develop larger, more defined muscles in a shorter period of time. Muscle builders often contain proteins and amino acids that make up human muscle tissue. Other muscle builders include creatine drinks and hormonal enhancers.

Muscles grow only when they are continuously exerted. This process is Darwinian in nature. Human beings are a highly adaptive species, and certain bodily processes only occur when necessary.

When human beings exert themselves to the point when muscle tissue actually tears, a signal is sent to the brain telling it that not only does the muscle need repair, it must be repaired to handle future work of that nature. The body then uses its resources to repair and improve the muscle's strength. This phenomenon within the human body is what makes weight training effective. Weight training is little more than overburdening and tearing muscles so that they grow back stronger.

Muscle Builders and Muscle Repair

Muscles can only be repaired when the body has adequate resources to rebuild them. Taking muscle builders ensures that your body has the right proteins and amino acids to rebuild damaged muscle tissue. This results in faster muscle recovery and enhanced muscle growth.

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