Natural Antibiotics

Written by Norene Anderson
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Natural antibiotics are a natural way to fight diseases before they happen. They are supplements made of plant chemicals that are effective in building up the immune system so the body can defend itself against the invasion of foreign pathogens. Conventional medicine is usually the course of treatment once an infection has taken control, especially if it is bacterial in origin.

However, viral infections are a completely different situation. There are some anti-viral drugs that are effective in some cases, but generally there is no treatment for most viral infections such as the flu or common cold. Natural antibiotics are a valuable intervention for fighting such infections as well as preventing the occurrence in the first place.

Why Are Natural Antibiotics Important?

The most important element in fighting infection and rapid recovery from illness is having a healthy immune system. There are many supplements available that do just that. Colloidal silver is one of nature's alternatives to fight infections naturally. It will protect against bacteria, fungi, and virus infections. Because the microbes we are fighting today are becoming increasingly resistant to traditional antibiotics, it has become necessary to look to other sources for a remedy.

A big advantage of going the natural way is that you can take them daily to build your immune system and maintain a healthy body instead of waiting until you are overcome with an illness and then have to fight your way back. You can avoid the pain and fatigue of illness.

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