Natural Health Products

Written by Emily Ledbetter
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The variety of natural health products available to treat various ailments and that contribute to overall wellness continues to expand. The popularity of natural treatments can partly be attributed to the fact that evidence supporting the effectiveness of herbal treatments for many medical conditions is greater than ever. Medical doctors, who have traditionally disputed the benefits of natural health products, now endorse the products for some conditions including male impotence and sexual enhancement.

More than 150 million Americans now use natural health products to treat medical conditions and promote general health. These products are often less expensive, have a lower incidence of side effects, contribute to overall health in addition to addressing a specific condition and are much easier to obtain than prescription drugs. They also counteract the negative effects that years of prescription drugs, especially antibiotics, can have on the body.

Natural health products are available to treat everything from arthritis and acne to constipation, depression and migraines. Some of the most popular products currently on the market address issues associated with aging and weight loss.

Combat the Effects of Aging

Growing old gracefully is a coveted outcome for millions. No one looks forward to the wrinkles, crows' feet, memory loss or the overall migration south that the body takes. The alternative to these symptoms of old age used to be simple--death. However, with the introduction of natural health products in combination with diet and lifestyle changes, people now have the ability to slow the signs and effects of aging.

DHEA, testosterone and progesterone are common ingredients of supplements recommended to counteract the signs of aging. These products are reported to increase immune function, contribute to emotional well-being, enhance mental acuity and improve physical energy levels along with endurance.

Weight Loss Aid

Weight control is a serious problem in the United States. More than 60 percent of Americans are overweight and, of those, more than 30 percent are clinically obese. The need and desire to lose weight has created a strong market for natural weight loss aids which has resulted in the availability of a wide variety of products.

The first step to safe, healthy weight loss is establishing a balanced diet and incorporating moderate exercise on a regular basis. There are natural health products that can enhance the effects of diet and exercise and contribute to weight loss, leading to an improvement in overall health and wellness.

By supplementing with herbs and nutrients specifically formulated to control the release of fat, it is possible to convert the body into an effective fat-burning system. There are also a number of products available that can enhance metabolism, leading to more effective, long-term weight loss. Alpha lipoic acid, Brewer's Yeast powder, lipase and carnitine are common ingredients in many of the natural weight loss diet supplements on the market today.

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