Night Sweats And Hot Flashes

Written by Norene Anderson
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Night sweats and hot flashes are the two biggest complaints of perimenopausal women. These symptoms are a natural part of the change every woman will someday go through. It is an inevitable part of life. Just because it is normal does not in any way mean it is pleasant! Who really likes being all dressed up and party-ready and then become soaked through and through from a hot flash? How many times a day to you want to change clothes?

As unpleasant as it may be, every woman is headed there. It is impossible to avoid, but there are some things that can make the transition a little less distressing. The first line of defense that most healthcare providers offer is hormone replacement therapy. This has come under a lot of fire lately citing possible harm to the cardiovascular system. Because of this, many women have decided either to not take anything and just 'ride it out', or they have turned to alternative medicine for help.

Do Night Sweats and Hot Flashes Keep You Awake?

One of the first symptoms to show up that has a tremendous impact on our daily living is fatigue. Loss of sleep from the interruption of having to throw off the covers to get air to your smoldering body is a real problem. After the sweating stops, then you are left with a body chill. After awhile - sometimes a minute or up to five minutes - you can settle back to sleep.

Check with your healthcare provider about the therapy that is best for you. There are all kinds of medications and natural supplements to help you get through the symptoms and effects of night sweats and hot flashes.

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