Written by Patricia Skinner
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The subject of nutrition is a matter for hot debate in most circles. It seems, though, that the truth speaks plainly for itself. Never before has our society consisted of so many overweight, out-of-shape individuals. Many of us are literally dragging ourselves around from day-to-day.

The majority crave more energy, better health, less sick days. We need to slim down and shape up. It's clear that something somewhere is wrong. Perhaps there were no wiser words than "Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food." Wherever the truth lies, the answer is not simply a matter of going on a drastic diet that cuts out whole sections of the nutritional spectrum as so many so called experts keep telling us.

Balancing Nutrition

We need to eat a balanced diet that, as far as possible will meet all our nutritional needs. This will include all the food groups in balanced proportions. Making food choices that as far as possible eliminate harmful additives and pesticides is vital. Reducing portion size permanently is key for most of us.

How we feed and nourish our bodies on a daily basis has become possibly the most neglected aspect of human life. With the advent of fast food and convenience foods, we have all been guilty of sacrificing a certain level of well being in order to save just a little more time. As time progresses, however, it becomes clear that we have sacrificed a lot in order to gain a few minutes daily.

Improving Your Diet

Far too many people have become content to leave the quality of the food they eat to the arbitrary whims of food manufacturers. Those people who have refused to follow the pack are studying everything they can about nutrition, in recognition of the fact that altering what you eat can make a profound impact on the way you feel. Some important rules to follow are: increase your levels of raw food intake. As far as possible cut out sweets and refined carbohydrates. Eat several servings of vegetables and a few portions of whole grains everyday.

Quality oils are a vital part of a good diet. If you try to cut fat out of your diet your health will suffer. Eventually your body systems will start to shut down, for they all need prostaglandins to work, and the body depends on the presence of good oils in the diet in order to be able to produce every one of those prostaglandins. No wonder many people who have kept fats out of their diet for years look and feel awful.

Sadly, because of modern methods for growing and producing the food we eat, even someone with a keen interest in eating well is unlikely to reach the highest levels of health and vitality without some form of nutritional supplementation. But progress has its good and bad sides, so we can also now benefit from a highly sophisticated nutritional supplements industry that allows us to tailor a supplements regimen to suit us. Many different illnesses and physical weaknesses can now be adequately addressed with the right supplements.

Orthomolecular Research

One of the big names in the world of nutrition research was the late Linus Pauling. He was responsible for a great deal of research into the way our bodies use nutrients and how we can fine tune our nutritional intake for the best results. When he died he had written many books, left over 80,000 research papers, and won the Nobel Prize twice. As a testament to the powers of nutritional supplements, Pauling used to take large amounts of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) daily along with other supplements he considered important.

He wasn't alone. Many of the greats in orthomolecular medicine use supplements on a daily basis. We would do well to emulate them. Our nutritional supplements can come in a variety of ways. We can pick capsules and pills, powders, potions and even the new style, nutrition bars. Don't forget the super foods. There are a dozen-or-so super foods that should be part of everyone's diet. Among them are eggs, (yes, they're firmly back on the favorites list), yogurt, olive oil, lentils and other pulses, oranges, broccoli and fish. There are more, but these are great to get you started.

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