Written by Norene Anderson
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Proxergen is a combination of natural ingredients used by many to thwart the aging process. The body is naturally designed to rejuvenate and rebuild continually at the cellular level. Through the years, this process tends to slow down. With around 35 million over the age of 65 and another five years adding the baby boomers to that number, millions of individuals are looking for ways to feel and look younger.

Research by Dr. Philippe Moser has led to the conclusion that proxeronine, an enzyme that slows the aging process, can be utilized to reduce the effects of aging. The thought of living a long, disease-free life certainly appeals to a generation of people desiring to hold onto youthful energy for years to come. Dr. Moser was educated in France and has been credited with several patents and inventions in addition to Proxergen research.

Ingredients in Proxergen

Proxeronine is found in great proportions in Morinda citrifolia. This plant has been used for centuries by the Polynesians for a variety of treatments. Proxergen supplies the therapeutic dose of Morinda citrifolia to enhance the immune system and go deep into the cellular body to facilitate cell growth and rejuvenation. Every cell is important for supplying energy for the body to exist as a complete and whole entity. Poor function of any cells or groups of cells will lead to the slowing down of regeneration and result in the forward motion of the aging process.

Proxergen is used by many to increase strength and endurance and for protection against the diseases associated with the aging process. Many testimonials are offered suggesting mental alertness is much improved with a regular regimen of Proxergen as part of the daily diet. Stronger bones and a better digestive system are reported after a few months of regular Proxergen intake.

Exciting Health Benefits

Another ingredient in Proxergen is red raspberry extract. It is used for disorders of various systems in the body including the respiratory tract, the cardiovascular system, and the intestinal tract. It has been used for hundreds of years by women to enhance the reproductive system and to help during childbirth.

The long-term benefits of taking Proxergen are reported to be increased energy (equal to that of young adults) and reversal of the aging process. Grandparents credit this product with the ability to keep up with the grandchildren without feeling tired or weary. Spending the day making memories instead of taking a nap is very appealing to the new generation of grandparents. Once damaged cells begin to be repaired on the molecular level, a new sense of energy arises.

The Cellular Work of Proxergen

Proxergen affects the integrity of the proteins in relation to the cells. There are many responses evoked by proxeronine on the cellular level. These responses are part of the regeneration process associated with Morinda citrifolia. This plant is used in many types of natural supplements for the purpose of raising the level of performance of various systems in the body. Some take it for enhanced mental benefits. Others take it for better digestive health. The Polynesians have used it for just about any ailment possible.

Some of the other ingredients in Proxergen include Agnus Cactus, selenium, Aurum Metallicum, and others. All of this combines to make a product that many have acclaimed as the answer to turning back the clock and living in health for years, even as long as 90 or 100 years without the usual disastrous effects of the aging process.

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