Psoriasis Skin Care

Written by Kimberly Clark
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The most widely used method for treating psoriasis involves the use of topical treatments that are applied directly to the skin and scalp. The products are typically available in both prescription strength and in over-the-counter formulations. For the most part, these medicines come in the form of lotions, ointments, shampoos, and creams.

Common Psoriasis Treatments

A popular skin treatment involves the use of cortisone, a steroid cream that is generally applied twice daily. It is available in various strengths and is applied directly to the infected area. In stubborn cases, you may need to wrap the affected area tightly with tape or plastic after the cream is applied.

This process is referred to as occlusion, and is done to increase the affects of the medicine. Other proficient methods of psoriasis skin treatment are applications of coal tar, which has been used for centuries, and the use of both over-the-counter and prescription strength salicylic acid.

A person with psoriasis will also want to be sure to keep her skin and scalp thoroughly and regularly cleansed and moisturized with the appropriate products. Use of a humidifier to keep the skin hydrated can also be beneficial. The side effects of these remedies range from thinning and bruising of the skin (caused by excessive steroid use) to reports of cancer and toxic shock from high doses of coal tar and salicylic acid, respectively.

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