Pure Protein Bars

Written by Patricia Skinner
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There are literally dozens of different brands of pure protein bars on the market today. However, not all of them deserve to be included as part of a healthy diet. Most health fanatics recognize that to achieve optimum health we have to become very choosy about what we put in our mouths. Unfortunately, a great many pure protein bars are choc full of preservatives, additives and other chemicals.

Technically, they may be exactly what you're looking for in terms of protein, but they bring with them so much nutritionally empty baggage that you have to ask what benefits you would really get from them. On the other hand, some manufacturers of pure protein bars recognize that their customers want something better. Discerning consumers recognize that pure protein bars with no additives, and containing only the highest quality ingredients, are going to have a lot more to offer them in terms of nutritional benefits.

Unwanted Ingredients in Pure Protein Bars

It is important that your chosen pure protein bars contain no glycerin or sugar alcohols. If they do, then they are going to be much higher in carbs than the manufacturer is letting on. Glycerin often makes up the "hidden calories" in this type of product.

Pure protein bars that contain this type of calorific ingredient are not going to give you the fat burning properties you're likely to be looking for. They're also not going to be the perfect partner to a strenuous workout problem. It makes sense to choose your pure protein bars with a great deal of care to make sure they're not rendering a great part of your health program ineffective.

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