Reduce Fine Lines And Wrinkles

Written by Amy Hall
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Taking collagen supplements regularly can help you reduce fine lines and wrinkles effectively. When you stop and take a look around, you likely realize that it is taboo to age gracefully. In America, we all want to hold onto our youth, no matter what. This means that it is unacceptable to allow wrinkles and fine lines to appear on the face.

Since the skin is made up of about 70 percent collagen, it makes sense to take pure collagen supplements to ward off aging. As you likely know, the skin loses its elasticity and brightness as the years tick by. Topical treatments can help, but only to a degree. Some prescription medications such as Retin-A or Renova can help by exfoliating the outer layers of skin to reveal the softer layers underneath. However, even these medications can only do so much.

Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles with Collagen

By taking oral collagen supplements, you are essentially helping your skin repair itself from the inside working out. This means that all the layers of your skin are being treated, and not just the outer layers. When you take oral capsules in addition to using topical moisturizing creams, you can really reduce fine lines and wrinkles on your face.

Most of us notice wrinkles beginning to emerge sometime in our mid to late twenties, which is around the time that the body begins to produce less collagen. The areas on the face most likely to show signs of aging are the eyes, mouth, and forehead. Expression lines begin to take hold and they don't go away even when you stop smiling or frowning. Collagen can help by plumping up the skin, thereby making wrinkles less noticeable.

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