Sports Vitamins

Written by Amy Hall
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Sports vitamins are designed for people who are putting their bodies under constant physical stress, such as during tough workouts or while playing sports. If you are not a serious athlete, and you are not an avid bodybuilder, but you hit the gym three to five days a week for a sweat session, you could probably get away with taking a supplement containing vitamins and minerals. A multi-vitamin might be sufficient for someone in this particular situation.

However, if you are spending hours at the gym lifting heavy weights, or you train daily for a sporting event, it can become necessary to take other supplements that will help increase your energy levels, increase your lean muscle mass, and help you shed excess fat. Sports vitamins often contain specific ingredients that are used to help athletes endure intense physical workouts without burning out.

Sports Vitamins for a Better Game

If you lift heavy weights, or you are a sprinter, you may benefit from creatine products that help give you much-needed bursts of energy during these activities. If you are a bodybuilder and compete in many competitions, you may want to look into prohormones that can help you build lean muscle mass and increase strength better than with just training alone. The key is to determine exactly what you are trying to achieve, and then tailor your supplement program around those goals.

Some gym-goers use sports vitamins in order to lose body fat more quickly. Ingredients in some supplements include chromium and green tea extract; two ingredients that help raise the metabolism and get rid of fat stores faster. Again, always check with your physician before you begin taking any supplements, just to be on the safe side.

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