Super Prostate Formula

Written by Norene Anderson
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Super Prostate Formula contains nutrients specifically chosen to enhance prostate health. The purpose is to reduce some of the annoying symptoms of an enlarged prostate such as daytime urgency and nighttime urination. An enlarged prostate can cause a restless night and that leads to daytime fatigue. It is important to seek treatment right away when the symptoms begin to manifest.

Super Prostate Formula contains such ingredients as ginseng, L-glycine, saw palmetto, pumpkin seed extract, Pygeum africanum, L-alanine, and stinging nettles. In addition, it claims the benefit of 315 mg of beta sitosterol and lycopene. 105 mcg of selenium is included in the formula as an antioxidant.

Use of Super Prostate Formula

Treatment for an enlarged prostate should bring results quickly. Infection can set in if urine is held in the bladder continuously. Some feel it is best to take a nutritional supplement such as Super Prostate Formula as a daily regimen for the purpose of preventing prostate problems. Results claimed after using this formula include more energy and better sleep.

The herbal formula is appealing to those desiring to stay with alternative medicine rather than pharmaceutical medicine. Many feel the side effects of prescription drugs are not worth the benefits. Improved health with the help of nature is the goal of natural nutritional supplements. Always make sure the supplement is manufactured with the best ingredients and in a clean environment. Good prostate health is in the best interest of every man.

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