Testosterone Supplements

Written by Norene Anderson
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Testosterone supplements are sometimes recommended when the total, or free, testosterone levels are decreased. Blood work can be done to determine the total testosterone and the free testosterone. Most testosterone is adhered to a protein in the blood. This type of testosterone is inactive. The free, or unbound, testosterone is active.

The total testosterone can be normal while the free testosterone is low. It is important to have both levels checked to get an accurate determination of the need for testosterone supplements. If you are experiencing any symptoms that suggest you may be low on testosterone, it is well worth the effort to see your physician and have a complete blood test to determine the testosterone levels.

Which Testosterone Supplements Are Best?

There are benefits to be realized from supplementing low testosterone. Libido returns to normal, fatigue decreases, and more energy is realized. For women, testosterone has been associated, as has estrogen, with bone strengthening. Testosterone replacement should be monitored carefully in individuals with high cholesterol or heart disease.

Testosterone supplements are available as a cream, patch, pill, or injection. Many men and women are exploring the option of using natural supplements for everything from hair loss to hormone replacement. Natural hormone replacement creams are made from ingredients such as testosterone, pituitary extract, somatropin, lanol, chrisin, sepigel, germall, and many others.

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