Weight Loss Diet Supplements

Written by Emily Ledbetter
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Weight loss is an issue that many people struggle with at some point in life. Whether someone is trying to lose those extra six or seven pounds put on during the holidays or a severely obese individual is committed to making diet and lifestyle changes to improve overall health, weight loss can be a daunting and overwhelming concept. With the popularity of fad diets and trendy exercise programs, it is all too common for individuals to quickly loose weight and then gain it all back over time. The most effective approach to successful, long term weight loss is through a combination of diet, exercise and nutritional supplements targeted toward metabolism and overall health.

Keys to Weight Loss

Traditional thinking suggests that weight loss is achieved by burning more calories than one consumes. However, it is ineffective to lose weight by purely restricting calories. Some people can eat literally nothing and still not lose weight because they are literally starving their body which slows the metabolic rate and encourages the body to hold onto every pound of fat it can. Granted, the starvation method will lead to quick weight loss but much of the weight lost is muscle and water rather than fat and the weight quickly comes back because it is impossible to maintain severe caloric restriction over a long period of time.

Rather than being a strict caloric issue, weight loss is also controlled by hormones. The body's self-regulating system determines how much body fat it releases. By adjusting the diet and supplementing with herbs and nutrients specifically formulated to control the release of fat, it is possible to convert the body into an effective fat-burning system.

There are also a number of herbs and nutrients that can enhance metabolism, leading to more effective, long-term weight loss. Alpha lipoic acid, Brewer's Yeast powder, lipase and carnitine are common ingredients in many of the weight loss diet supplements on the market today. There are weight loss supplements available that contain high levels of caffeine to boost metabolism but the side effects associated with those products are often undesirable and many people choose instead to take the safe and natural route to increased metabolism and weight loss.

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