Alkaline Supplements

Written by Norene Anderson
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Alkaline supplements are a very important part of everyday nourishment in order for the body to function in the best health. There are two factors in play at all times working within the cells and the blood stream. These are the acids and the alkaline substances that are active at all times. They blend their properties together and if either is prevailing, there is a condition of acidosis or alkalinosis.

This is similar to adding hot and cold water together. Whichever one is the greater, that is the way the scale will tilt. For the body, a normal acid/alkaline balance is 7.39 for the blood. Unfortunately, more people than not are tilting the balance to the acid side or putting the body in a state of acidosis. This is a result of both the prevalent lifestyle and the dietary intake.

Use Alkaline Supplements for Balance

Alkaline supplements are a much-needed addition to the daily routine of most people because of the need to neutralize the excess acids brought on by stress and poor diet. The proteins, sugars, and cereals that are consumed are mostly acidic. The foods that are alkaline in nature are not eaten in sufficient quantities to offset the acidic ones.

It is a known fact that many people do not exercise properly and that plays a vital role in maintaining the balance between acid and alkaline ratios. It just makes sense to use alkaline supplements to keep the body in balance with itself so that the blood, cells, and organs can function at the level intended for optimum health. Many diseases can be avoided or at least controlled by keeping the pH balance where it should be at all times.

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