Barley Grass Benefits

Written by Kellen Hertz
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Barley grass benefits are a real boost to improved health. It is noted to be the only vegetation that has everything needed to supply nutrition throughout the entire lifespan. Barley has been a vital source of nutrition in many cultures for thousands of years. It has been used to strengthen muscle and increase endurance for both athletes and recovery from illness or disease. The benefit of chlorophyll to fight infection and promote wound healing is just one of many benefits derived from a barley grass juice supplement.

Barley grass juice contains eleven times more calcium than milk. This provides strengthening and protection of the bones from osteoporosis. The concentration of vitamin C is much higher than in oranges and provides support for the immune system to reduce the chances of getting colds and flu. The iron supports the blood volume and content and is vital in preventing anemia and fatigue.

Barley Grass Benefits Are Many

The amount of vitamin B12 is vital to preventing and treating anemia. The enhancement of the enzyme system that increases metabolism is credited with successful weight loss while increasing the overall energy level of the body. There is also an antioxidant, SOD (superoxide dismutase) that protects cells against the cause of aging and other diseases. There are so many barley grass benefits to consider that help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Another of the barley grass benefits is the number of amino acids that are provided. They are critical in supporting many functions of the body. Barley grass is also very alkaline and that is important in keeping the body in a neutral balance between acidic and alkaline. Most of the processed food that is consumed is acidic due to the processing and cooking methods. An alkaline supplement helps restore the intestinal tract to a neutral balance for better digestion and less indigestion.

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