Barley Grass Juice

Written by Kellen Hertz
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Barley grass juice is made from a green grass that boasts of being the only vegetation that is able to provide all the nutrients that are needed from the time a person is born to old age. The leaves that form in preparation of the grain have the capability of absorbing nutrients from the soil. By the time the leaves are twelve to fourteen inches, all the minerals, vitamins, chlorophyll, and proteins that are needed for consumption in the diet are available.

Barley grass juice is very easy on the digestive system because it is easily absorbed in the digestive tract. This supplies the body with critical nutrients very quickly. Barley grass is noted to have thirty times as much B1 and eleven times as much calcium as milk, six and a half times more carotene as spinach, and many other enhancing vitamins and enzyme boosters.

Get the Facts on Barley Grass Juice

Barley grass juice is also a great source of vitamin C with close to seven times the amount that is in oranges. Weight loss has been a noted benefit with consistent supplementation. This is because the enzyme system is augmented and that improves cell metabolism. There is also a tremendous antioxidant that is considered a factor in working against the aging process as well as many diseases.

It has high sodium content and this seems to help people that are suffering from arthritis. It also contains eighteen amino acids, including eight of the essential amino acids that have to come from diet. These are the amino acids that the body cannot produce. This is an alkaline mixture and that is good to help maintain the neutral acid/alkaline balance that is necessary for good health and energy.

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