Dr. Alex Guerrero

Written by Kellen Hertz
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In February of 1991, Dr. Alex Guerrero lost his father-in-law to skin cancer following three years of surgeries and treatment. This started his quest to find answers regarding degenerative diseases. He did post-graduate studies in Los Angeles, California, at the SAMRA University for Traditional Chinese Medicine. After receiving a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, he continued his studies and research.

He has a private practice that treats a variety of diseases and types of individuals. There are people that have degenerative and chronic illnesses such as lupus, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, fibromyalgia, and many others. His drive to find relief for these chronic sufferers had a tremendous effect in the development of the nourishing value of Supreme Greens with MSM.

The Dr. Alex Guerrero Story

Dr. Alex Guerrero is also very involved with athletes. He works with some of the top athletes in the world as well as NBA and NFL professionals. In his work with the athletes, he developed techniques for therapy on deep tissue, neuromuscular re-education, and many other modalities that are effectively helping other national and international teams.

Dr. Alex Guerrero is very well educated in herbology and this has led to his ability to define the method of growth and the best herbs and vegetables to put in the supplement to provide the desired nourishment. He has determined the food grown today does not have the vital minerals and nutrients needed for ultimate health. For this reason he designed organically grown produce to fill the vacancy that is left in the average diet.

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