Mineral Supplement Facts

Written by Kellen Hertz
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Mineral supplement facts confirm that it is vital to good health to have an adequate supply of all the necessary minerals in the body. One of these minerals is iron. It is a vital element of proteins that are active in oxygen transportation and metabolism. The hemoglobin, the protein that is in red blood cells, transports oxygen to the body tissues and it houses about 2/3 of the iron in the body. A lack of iron is a common cause of anemia.

Magnesium is another mineral and it is vital to every cell in the body. According to mineral supplement facts, magnesium is split into two basic purposes. About half is inside the cells and the other half is combined with phosphorus and calcium inside the bone. Metabolic changes that are caused by magnesium deficiency may be a factor in heart attacks and strokes.

Other Mineral Supplement Facts

Another essential mineral in the body is selenium. It is an essential trace element that is a vital antioxidant enzyme protecting cells. A deficiency in selenium may affect the function of the thyroid due to the need for selenium in synthesizing active thyroid hormone. Zinc is also a necessary mineral that is active in stimulating around one hundred enzymes that keep the body working properly. It is required for maintaining and supporting a healthy immune system. A lack can affect the sense of taste and smell.

When you check out mineral supplement facts, you will find that the body is a very complex environment that requires a multitude of elements to keep it functioning properly. Minerals are a vital part of the operation of the body in its entirety. The body excretes mineral salts and water daily and this loss must be replenished on a daily basis to keep the body in a state of homeostasis or balance.

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