Sleep Supplements

Written by Norene Anderson
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Sleep supplements may be the thing for you if you find yourself tossing and turning the night away without getting any restful sleep. Millions of people suffer from some kind of sleep disorder or sleep disturbance. Without getting enough deep sleep, the body just does not have time to rejuvenate and perform at its best level.

Sleep comes in two distinct stages. These stages are determined by whether or not rapid eye movements are present. The first stage is known as REM or rapid eye movement sleep. The second stage is known as NREM or non-rapid eye movement sleep. The NREM is further divided into four stages. The depth of sleep increases as the stages increase. The majority of sleep should be in the NREM to get the most benefit from relaxation.

Use Natural Sleep Supplements

Sleep supplements are often required to help the body throw off the stress and cares of the day in order to get a sufficient amount of NREM sleep. It is important to do everything you can before resorting to medication that can be habit forming to help you sleep. Make sure the room is conducive to sleeping. The temperature should be comfortable and the environment quiet and dark. Do not exercise within three hours prior to going to bed.

If sleep supplements are necessary, use all natural, healthy supplements to gently prepare your body for sleep. A fully supportive nutritional supplement can provide your body with everything needed to have energy for the day and rest at night. This happens when the body has adequate nourishment for all the cells in the body and all systems are supported with vitamins and minerals to keep working in harmony.

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