Affordable Ir Thermometers

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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With so many companies producing and distributing IR thermometers, it is easy to find affordable IR thermometers for any budget or utility. While the most affordable IR thermometers may be compact, pocket-sized devices, consumers who are interested in saving money do not necessarily have to sacrifice features. Many small, affordable thermometers have enough functionality to handle most common applications.

Compact IR thermometers are generally available for less than 100 dollars. Though they may have low distance-to-target ratios (compared to larger, professional models), a few models offer professional features such as adjustable emissivity ratings, a continuous scan mode, and a high degree of temperature resolution. Though some compact, affordable IR thermometers may have laser targeting, some do not (instead, they may feature a target illumination system).

Affordable IR Thermometers for Industry and Manufacturing

For some applications, affordability may be relative to functionality. For example, fixed-mount IR thermometers for industrial use can be used as diagnostic tools that ultimately save time and money by issuing alerts when aberrant temperatures are detected. Many fixed mount thermometers can be used in conjunction with operational computer software that allows engineers and operators to access the thermometer's features remotely and even automatically log system data.

Diagnostic thermometers offer solutions for many different industries. Since many thermometers can be linked to heating and cooling systems, they can be used to control aspects of a manufacturing process. For example, a few common manufacturing utilities include plastics extrusion and process control for producing flat glass or glass bottles.

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