Compact Infrared Thermometer With Lasers

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Many companies that produce some kind of compact infrared thermometer with lasers may also produce other kinds of infrared devices or thermometers. The variety of different types of infrared thermometers and other non-contact thermometers that are available on the market reflects the variety of applications that the devices have; a range of industries and professional businesses all make extensive use of IR devices. For example, a small compact infrared thermometer with lasers may be utilized by people as varied as chefs to firefighters.

Infrared thermometers use small lasers as a method of targeting. Since the target area of many IR devices increases with distance from the target, it is important to be able to accurately determine where the target area is located and how big it is. Though many IR thermometers use a single laser for targeting, some professional models project multiple lasers that surround the target area, giving the user the ability to clearly determine the object of the IR scan.

The price difference between a pocket IR thermometer without a laser and a compact infrared thermometer with lasers differs depending on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers offer models that have as little as a ten dollar price difference. In many cases, the only differences between models may be the presence of a laser and (in some cases) a slightly better distance-to-target ratio.

Example Applications for a Compact Infrared Thermometer with Lasers

Compact IR thermometers are suitable for a wide range of uses, including some unexpected applications. For example, builders may use handheld IR thermometers (with or without lasers) to search for weak insulation in buildings, but motorcyclists may also use them to measure the insulating properties of protective gear. In fact, IR thermometers may serve multiple uses in automotive and motorcycle work, including diagnostic applications, such as measuring the temperature of exhaust system ports or other engine components.

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