Fixed Ir Thermometers

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Fixed IR thermometers are used extensively in many different manufacturing processes. Though many are installed into machines or assembly lines as insurance or troubleshooting, some are incorporated into the designs of machinery or equipment from the initial stage. They are capable of accurately measuring temperature from afar, and may also have the pre-programmed capability to control heating or cooling functions, much like a thermostat.

Examples of Commercially Available Fixed IR Thermometers

One of the smallest fixed IR thermometers available in modular form is the Radiant Innovations TN9, which is available in the US from Metris Instruments, LLC. The TN9 consists of little more than an IR sensor that is attached to a miniscule pinted circuit board. Along with the TN9 module, developers can purchase a Developer's Kit that has software and instructions for integrating the TN9 into original equipment designs and systemsother measurement instrumentation systems.

More complicated fixed IR thermometers include the Automation Products line from Raytek. Compact fixed-mount thermometers are similar to the TN9, and include little more than packaging a high-quality IR sensor with supporting electronics. They often feature multiple types of programmable output, and can be integrated into different types of machinery or production processes.

Along with some other manufacturers, Raytek also makes full-featured fixed-mount laser thermometers, such as the Marathon series or Process Imager series. Marathon devices are specifically designed for use in harsh operating conditions, such as in the interior of a furnace. Process Imagers are custom-designed systems that are capable of complex data analysis and computerized imaging.

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