Fixed Mount Infrared Thermometers

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Fixed mount infrared thermometers are used extensively in the design of many types of equipment and processes. They range from low-cost, compact sensors to fully featured temperature scanning and imaging systems. Some companies, such as Raytek, also offer fixed mount IR thermometers for specific applications, such as industrial applications like materials processing and paper production.

Some fixed mount units are available in modules. The smallest fixed IR thermometer modules are less than five centimeters long, and consist of a simple, high-quality IR sensor module attached to a tiny printed circuit board that includes a computer chip. The module can be wired into equipment to take constant temperature data of a single element.

Professional Fixed Mount Infrared Thermometers

Other fixed mount infrared thermometers are computer-programmable, allowing users to set alarms for extreme temperatures and remotely configure temperature sensitivity and emissivity levels. They may also be compatible with other temperature sensors, allowing users to build networks of IR thermometers for enhanced control and operability.

Some environments that require the use of a remote temperature-sensing device may be too harsh for simple, unprotected electronics. Fully protected fixed mount infrared thermometers are available for extreme industrial conditions, including conditions that may reach ambient temperatures of 600 ° Fahrenheit or more. Many support networks as well as sensors that feature various-focus capabilities, programmable processing, and near-immediate response time (down to 100 mSec)!

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