Infrared Laser Thermometers

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Infrared laser thermometers are simply infrared thermometers equipped with a built-in laser. IR laser thermometers can generally be aimed more accurately than other types of IR thermometers simply because they can be more accurately pointed or aimed. Infrared laser thermometers project a small laser beam onto the target area, helping users gauge the center of the area being measured. More expensive laser thermometers outline or highlight the actual size of the cicular area that is being measured.

Infrared thermometers measure the intensity of the radiated infrared energy emanating from within the target area. Depending on the model of the laser thermometer and the distance from the target, the target area may be as large as a foot across or as small as a dime. The reading that is displayed on the thermometer is a measure of the average temperature within the target area.

Getting Accurate Readings from Infrared Laser Thermometers

The addition of a laser-guided targeting system can inform the user of what area is being measured much better than without the laser. Some thermometers feature multiple-point laser targeting, which is a targeting system that projects a circle of laser dots around the entire target area. Others simply have a single point laser that projects a dot in the center of the target area.

The accuracy of infrared laser thermometers makes them convenient for many industrial applications. For example, equipment inspectors or mechanics may use IR thermometers to pinpoint overheating machine parts, such as bearings, valves, or worn gaskets. Similarly, firemen often use laser thermometers to search for hidden hotspots through walls, or to "see" through smoke.

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