Infrared Temperature Laser Guns

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Infrared temperature laser guns are products that have developed in the last 50 years to answer a widespread professional need for a remote temperature-sensing device. They developed out of postwar efforts to build reliable devices for interpreting infrared radiation as signs of life. Infrared temperature laser guns are capable of interpreting infrared energy (which is emitted by matter above zero degrees Kelvin) as temperature data reliably, quickly, and efficiently.

Most infrared temperature laser guns are handheld (instead of fixed-mount). The laser is included as a means of increasing targeting accuracy--the further the operator of an IR thermometer moves from the subject, the larger the target area becomes. By projecting a laser into the center of the target area, the operator can glean a more precise understanding of the size and placement of the target. Some IR thermometers project multiple lasers that surround the target, giving the operator the exact dimensions of the target area.

Commercially Available Infrared Temperature Laser Guns

There are a wide variety of different types of IR thermometers currently on the market. The smallest handheld thermometers, pocket thermometers, measure no larger than a few inches across, and are capable of reliable temperature readings in less than a second. Though some may include a laser, others may include a target illumination system that projects a faint light on the target area.

Professional models are much more powerful than pocket IR thermometers. They have a distance-to-target ratio of up to 180:1, which means that at 180 feet, they can accurately determine the temperature of an area only one foot in diameter. Some models also have drastically reduces response times, and can measure, process, and display all of the necessary information in a tenth of a second or so.

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