Metris Instruments

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Metris Instruments is a relatively new company in the US market of infrared technology that focuses on distributing the products of Radiant Innovations' ZyTemp line of IR thermometers. They distribute a range of products for many different commercial and personal applications, including food service, automotive applications, and home use. Metris Instruments have been recognized for their value and feature inexpensive but high-quality design.

There are six main products available from Metris Instruments. Two, the TN203L and the TN105, are compact IR thermometers that provide fast and accurate measurements for less than 50 dollars. Another product, the TCT103F thermometer, is the only Metris product to include a K thermocouple, though both the TN305LC and TN408LC thermometers (the most elaborate of all Metris instruments TN4 Series) support the addition of a thermocouple.

The sixth product from Metris, the TN9 thermometer module, is an electronic component that can be integrated into appliance design to provide accurate IR temperature reading functionality. It can be purchased with a developer kit and programmed to take either specific IR temperature data or ambient temperature readings. The TN9 is small enough to be included in the design of almost any appliance or machine.

Comparing Metris Instruments to the Competition

All Metris products (with the exception of the TN9 developer's kit) are available for less than 100 dollars, an extremely competitive price point. The primary difference between Metris IR thermometers and other manufacturers' products seems to be the distance-to-spot size ratio--it is slightly lower in Metris products than in other IR thermometers--which indicates a company-wide focus on measuring proximate objects in close-to-normal conditions. However, all of the IR thermometers sold through Metris Instruments that are manufactured by Radiant Innovation Inc. include advanced such as adjustable emissivity - features normally found on considerably expensive instruments. Later in 2004 and early in 2005, Radiant will introduce a new line of IR thermometers specifically designed for HACCP temperature monitoring.

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