Mini Ir Thermometers

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Mini IR thermometers represent the most affordable type of IR thermometers that are commercially available. In most cases, they are designed to have the most uncomplicated operations of any IR thermometers--simply point and shoot. Currently available mini IR thermometers include some of the functionality of more high-end models in a package that is small enough to fit in your pocket.

Most mini infrared thermometers are designed for general-purpose applications, as opposed to the specific designs of professional-grade thermometers. They generally have a low distance-to-spot size ratio, making pocket thermometers more suitable for measuring the temperature of objects that are nearby than objects that are far away. For example, they can be used to measure the temperature of food without touching the food, or to inspect automotive components for aberrant temperatures.

Targeting and Emissivity of Mini IR Thermometers

Some mini thermometers may feature laser targeting for more accurate measurements. Nearly as common is target illumination technology. Target illumination is particularly common among Raytek thermometers (in their FoodPro and FoodPro Plus models) or Radiant's TN007 model. The target illumination system illuminates the entire target area, and operates best at a distance of less than ten inches.

Some mini IR thermometers are available for less than 50 dollars, which is considerably less than professional models. They often feature adjustable emissivity, a feature that can account for the reflectivity of some objects (which may interfere with accurate infrared readings). The emissivity level on some pocket IR thermometers is adjustable by one hundredth of a degree, though it may be preset to 0.95 (the common emissivity for many objects).

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