Professional Infrared Laser Thermometers

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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The largest market for non-contact temperature measuring devices may be in professional infrared laser thermometers. The two main types of professional IR thermometers, fixed-mount and handheld, are available in a wide variety of prices, features, and sizes. There are even professional infrared laser thermometers for specialized industries such as glass or plastics manufacturing.

One of the largest industries to use professional IR thermometers is the food service industry. They are extremely useful with the HACCP system, for monitoring the temperature of foods at Critical Control Points. The temperature resolution of most professional infrared laser thermometers (a tenth of a degree) allows you to see exactly how close the food items are to the critical danger zone where bacteria may form.

Professional IR thermometers that are designed for food service use include both IR temperature measuring technology and some way of measuring the internal temperature of food or liquid as well. Devices include either a temperature probe or a thermocouple (often a K- or T-type thermocouple). Some food service IR thermometers even feature pre-programmed HACCP specifications, and will sound an alarm or display an alert if temperature conditions are potentially dangerous.

Professional Infrared Laser Thermometers for Harsh Conditions

Other professional thermometers are designed for use in more extreme conditions. Many IR thermometers for use in kilns, ovens, or metal-forging factories are housed in pressure or temperature-resistant casings, and are capable or measuring temperatures up to 3,000° Centigrade. They often relay data via a flexible fiber optic cable to a remote control center, where many parameters of the sensor (such as emissivity or alarm presets) can be controlled via computer software.

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