Raytek Infrared Thermometers

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Raytek infrared thermometers are designed and manufactured primarily for professional and industrial use. Raytek produces both fixed-mount and portable IR thermometers for sale to commercial and industrial clients in over 60 countries around the world. Unlike some other companies that produce IR thermometers, Raytek limits their product line to IR thermometer and related devices in order to produce the best possible tools for a growing market in non-contact temperature measurement.

Portable Raytek infrared thermometers range from simple, compact devices to their formidable hand-held 3i Series of IR thermometers. Their line of compact thermometers, called MiniTemp, focuses on fast and accurate devices for diagnostic purposes such as automotive work. Compared to make other manufacturers, MiniTemp devices have a high distance-to-target ratio and a response time of half of a second.

Mid-range thermometers from Raytek have a host of features that aren't included in the MiniTemp line. For example, many feature a multiple-beam laser targeting system that projects three dots onto the circular target area, one at either end of the diameter and on in the center. Some models, such as the Raytek PhotoTemp, are capable of capturing digital images and enhancing them with temperature data.

The High End of Raytek Infrared Thermometers

The 3i series of Raytek infrared thermometers is the most comprehensive line of Raytek hand-held thermometers. It is programmable for a variety of focusing options, temperature ranges, and spectral responses. It is also capable of measuring higher temperatures than other Raytek thermometers (up to 5,400° Fahrenheit) and has an extremely high distance-to-target ratio of 180:1.

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