Raytek Ir Thermometers

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Raytek manufactures a variety of different IR thermometers, each with a specialized design for use in specific applications. The two main types of thermometers available are fixed-location industrial thermometers and handheld non-contact temperature measurement devices. Within each category are thermometers that come with a range of features in many different sizes and shapes.

Perhaps the most versatile Raytek IR thermometers are those in their line of handheld devices. They range from pocket-size to professional, and have a range of features that makes them suitable for applications from automotive diagnostics to glass manufacturing and plastics applications. For example, the MiniTemp line from Raytek is a small handheld device with a reasonably wide temperature range and optional laser targeting.

Fixed-Location Raytek IR Thermometers

Fixed-mount thermometers are small IR thermometers that are capable of measuring a broad range of temperatures (up to 2,000° Centigrade or more) for use inside of machinery and heavy equipment. They also have a high distance-to-target ratio (around 90:1), which allows them to accurately measure small surfaces or to pinpoint mechanical hotspots for diagnostic purposes. Most fixed-mount thermometers from Raytek can be operated remotely via computer software or other hardware.

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