Raytek Thermometers

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Raytek thermometers are a popular brand of non-contact infrared thermometers. Raytek offers handheld battery-operated thermometers that are suitable for a variety of uses in industries that range from automotive work to firefighting. Raytek thermometers are precision instruments that are priced to suit any budget, from less than 100 dollars to several hundred dollars.

Some Raytek IR thermometers feature a small laser useful for pinpointing small target surfaces. For example, when scanning an auto component, such as a radiator, handheld IR thermometers can help technicians pinpoint plugged areas or other areas of high heat, such as leaks in the manifold or in the exhaust system. Raytek thermometers can also pinpoint cold areas, such as insulation leaks around windows and doors.

The Aiming Accuracy of Raytek Thermometers

Raytek designs thermometers with a range of target sizes. Targeting or aiming accuracy for IR thermometers is measured in a distance-to-spot size ratio that describes the size of the target as a fraction of the distance to the target. Light-use pocket IR thermometers commonly have a distance-to-spot ratio of 4:1 or 6:1, while thermometers for industrial use generally have more accurate targeting with ratios of 50:1 or more!

Handheld non-contact thermometers also have a range of operational temperatures. They may be able to operate in ambient temperature zones that are as hot as 120° Fahrenheit, and may be able to accurately gauge temperatures over 1,000° Fahrenheit. Many can also operate at or below freezing, and measure temperatures as cold as negative 25° Fahrenheit.

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