Tn305lc Infrared Thermometers

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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There are a few handheld non-contact thermometers, such as TN305LC Infrared Thermometers from Radiant Innovation Inc. and distributed by Metris, that pack a number of professional features into an affordable, user-friendly package. Some of the most common features of such thermometers are high temperature accuracy, adjustable emissivity, and a decent distance-to-spot size ratio. TN305LC infrared thermometers have all of these features at a price that is surprisingly competitive.

The temperature accuracy of many non-industrial handheld thermometers generally falls around plus/minus two percent of the actual temperature. This is because infrared thermometers don't actually measure temperature data directly; IR thermometers interpret the infrared radiation of an object in terms of that object's surface temperature. The temperature of the object is quickly calculated by measuring the total radian energy emitted by the object.

TN305LC infrared thermometers are commonly used in many applications around the world for their ability to quickly scan a large area and find spots of aberrant temperatures. Such hotspots often lead to discovering potential reliability problems and unsafe operating conditions.

Metris, Distributors of TN305LC Infrared Thermometers

Metris, the US distributor of ZyTemp products, distributes many other non-contact temperature measurement devices. Some, like the TN9, are small enough that they are often included in OEM equipment or other measurement instrumentation systems. Others, such as the TN408LC, are true professional models that have features including a high distance-to-target ratio and , like the TN305LC, offer a temperature resolution to the tenth of a single degree.

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