Tn9 Ir Thermometer Module

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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The TN9 IR thermometer module is one of the smallest IR thermometer modules currently available. It measures less than two inches lengthwise, and consists of an IR sensor, supporting electronics and a microcontroller contained in one ASIC chip that can covert the IR data into temperature data. The TN9 IR thermometer module is distributed in the USA by Metris Instruments, and is originally produced in Taiwan by Radiant Innovation Inc.

The primary feature of the TN9 IR thermometer module is that its size allows it to be integrated into other equipment designs. The bare TN9 module can be directly built into any OEM equipment. It has a 1:1 distance-to-spot size ratio, and a 0.0625-degree temperature resolution that is perfectly suitable for many types of process instrumentation, machine automation and consumer appliances.

The TN9 is capable of measuring both the surface temperature of an object and corrects the temperature measurement for changes in the ambient temperature of the environment. Developers can program the TN9 with an optional development kit that includes a serial connector to connect to the TN9's output contacts. The development kit and serial connector can be installed on most PCs for easy integrating into original equipment designs.

Designing for the TN9 IR Thermometer Module

The TN9 differs from other fixed-mount thermometers in more than size. Other fixed-mount thermometers may be designed for use in harsh conditions, with bulky housings and thick, protected cables. The TN9 is a bare-bones module that is simple enough to be used in a variety of applications and directly integrated into any system, instead of operating like a foreign component in a pre-established electrical system.

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