Zytemp Ir Thermometers

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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The ZyTemp brand of IR thermometers are designed and manufactured by a division of Radiant Innovations Inc (located in Taiwan) and distributed in the U.S. by Metris Instruments, LLC. There are a number of different ZyTemp IR thermometers available in the US, including those small enough to be incorporated into the design of OEM equipment, automated machinery and industrial process instrumentation. Others are traditional handheld instruments that combine the straightforward usability of consumer electronics and the functionality of professional tools.

The smallest ZyTemp IR thermometers are the ZyTemp TN9 series, which consists of a miniature radiation sensor module attached to a tiny 'naked' printed circuit board. The TN9 module can be built into OEM equipment, automated machinery and other measurement instrumentation and is desiged to add non-contact temperature measurement functions to other products and equipment. It has a temperature range of -27 to 428° Fahrenheit, which makes it perfect for consumer appliance applications.

Several ZyTemp thermometers include a socket for the addition of an optional thermocouple. Generally, they accept both K- and T-type thermocouples (the letter assignment describes the types of metals used in the thermocouple--a K-type thermocouple uses Ni-Al and Ni-Cr alloys). The models that do include a thermocouple also feature a convenient retractable thermocouple design.

Some Applications of ZyTemp IR Thermometers

In general, ZyTemp products seem aimed at industries such as food service, HVAC, automotive troubleshooting and the hobbyist market. All ZyTemp IR thermometers are remarkably affordable instruments with many professional features. The distance-to-target ratio and maximum measurable temperature seem less suitable for heavy industrial or scientific use than for consumer applications.

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