Baby Bliss Gripe Water

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Many parents face the difficult challenge of easing their infants' distress, which can be caused by several factors. One of parents' biggest problems is that they often do not know why their babies cry. Infants cannot speak their minds like kindergarteners, or even hint at what's wrong the way toddlers do. Cries that indicate discomfort often sound exactly the same as screams that mean, "I'm hungry."

Moms and dads develop intuitions for when their babies need food, naps, and fresh diapers. However, some babies simply cry more than others, and for no apparent reason. Common factors that induce cries include teething, gas, and stomach pains, all of which are difficult to diagnose or pinpoint. For centuries, European mothers used Baby Bliss Gripe Water to quell their children's unfounded agonies.

American nutritional companies have taken the traditional European formula and modernized it in accordance with today's medicinal knowledge. Baby Bliss Gripe Water is sold as a liquid, and it can be used to treat nearly all regularly occurring infant pains. Companies that sell this product claim it usually takes only five to 20 minutes for the remedy to start working.

How to Use Gripe Water

This product can either be given to babies directly or mixed with juice or water. Nutritional companies suggest that parents administer the formula either before or after their infants eat. While nutritional companies insist this product is safe, people should always make sure they never exceed the recommended dosages.

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